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Cycle circle is a community of homegrown athletes, adventure seekers, explorers, and local communities. We at CycleCircle believe that travel when combined with, adventure,  community engagement, and sustainability have the power to transform the lives of those it touches. This is what we try to incorporate into our way of being every day by bringing all these aspects under one umbrella. We aim to create tourism experiences that are unique, symbiotic, and sustainable. We will take you to some of the remotest parts of the Himalayas on our sojourns but with great views comes great responsibility. We want to make travel sustainable and this is the core of our belief system - The trails/regions we will explore are not meant for motorized transport (in most cases), is not meant to be littered upon, are not meant to be disturbed by vices like "Loud Music". The sanctity of the region and its people, its culture, and its way of life must be maintained. Remember the idea is to immerse yourself in "that life" and not to change that life. Once you sign up with us we will be providing more detailed itineraries and GPS routes. The idea is not to keep them secret, but to share them with only like-minded people who understand how sensitive these zones are. We are everything outdoors - For Nature Lovers, By Nature Lovers

Mountain Biker in the Woods
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