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Cycle Circle Co-op membership

Become a Member and enjoy exclusive benefits for only INR 189 per month.

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  • Original

    Every month
    Perfect for beginners, Your first step into the community
    Valid for 12 months
    • Community Starter Kit( Membership Card and Merchandise)
    • 4 Free annual bike service by an expert
    • 12 Free annual DIY Bike Services
    • Tool access to all tools at the store
    • 15% off on any additional service
    • Minimum 5% off on Bikes(Deals Extra)
    • Minimum 5% off on accessories
    • Minimum 5% off on spares
    • Minimum 5% off on merchandise
    • 15% off on any HASTPA Race
    • 2 Free entries into any HASTPA one day race(annually)
    • 15% off on all camping/outdoors trips
    • 15% off on MTB Shimla
    • 15% off on MTB himalaya
    • 3 Free Bicycle rental days /Year
    • 15% off on all additional Bicycle rentals
    • Access to Members only deals and discounts
    • Access to members only social gatherings
  • Pro

    Every month
    Perfect if you are serious about bikes.Incredible value!
    Valid for 12 months
    • Free Community Starter Kit ( Membership card & Merchandise)