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Become a Cycle Cirle Co-op Member

Anyone can join and everyone belongs. Benefits include great gear offers, special pricing on events, DIY, Social connections and an annual Co-op Member Reward. 


Choose your pricing plan

Find one that works for you

  • Basic

    Plan for people looking for Unlimited DIY service access
    Valid for 12 months
    • Membership Card
    • Unlimited DIY
    • Tool Access
    • Part of the Gang
  • Original

    Perfect for beginners, Your first step into the community
    Valid for 12 months
    • Community Starter Kit( Membership Card and Merchandise)
    • 3 Free annual intermediate bike service by an expert
    • Unlimited DIY and Tool access
    • 15% off on any additional service
    • Minimum 5% off on Big brands
    • 15% off on any HASTPA Race and 2 free entries into one race
    • 15% off on all camping/outdoors trips
    • 3 Free Bicycle rental days /Year
    • Access to Members only deals and discounts
    • Access to members only social gatherings
    • Physiotherapy, Nutrition and Training Sessions by Experts
  • Best Value


    Perfect if you are serious about bikes.Incredible value!
    Valid for 12 months
    • Free Community Starter Kit ( Membership card & Merchandise)
    • Free Professional Bike services by expert*
    • Unlimited DIY and tool access
    • 25% off on any additional service
    • Minimum 7% off on big brands
    • 25% off on Hastpa races and 4 free entry into one-day event
    • 25% off on Biking/Camping/Outdoor trips
    • 6 free days bike rental annually
    • Access to member only deals
    • Physiotherapy, Nutrition and Training sessions by experts

Want to know more about members only benefits

Members only exclusive offers

Members exclusive offers- special deals on equipments, rentals, services, tours and activities.

Book an Appointment for Members only DIY slot

Book your slot for the DIY service at the store in advance.

Terms and conditions

  • Cycle Circle retains the right to cancel or suspend memberships at its own discretion

  • Memberships will auto- renew every year, however the member has the right to cancel their membership anytime   before renewal

  • All memberships are on an annual basis – Once a membership is bought it cannot be cancelled and no refunds will be made

  • In case of a force Majeure event the store will not liable for providing services and no refunds can be claimed

  • Membership can be passed onto( transferred) to another person after informing the store. However one membership ID will have only one individual  person and on it

  • An individual can have his or her multiple bikes registered to the membership.

  • If a member is ever suspended from their membership, they can only be reinstated after a decision by the cycle circle management.

  • Can I donate to Co-Operation?
    Yes, you can donate your tools/ bikes/ parts/ accessories to the co-operation
  • Why should I consider buying or trading in used gear?
    Re/Supply is an opportunity for CycleCircle members to have a positive impact on the outdoors by finding (or giving) new homes to gently used items. Buying a used item, instead of new, typically avoids CO2 emissions of 50% or more. This is based on CycleCircle Co-op’s estimate of preparing used gear for sale versus making new gear. Buying or trading-in gently used gear keeps your items out of landfills and gives you the opportunity to share gear with other members!
  • What is Member Free Shipping?
    Cyclecircle Co-op Members get free All India standard shipping—INR 1000 minimum order required. Exclusions apply, see terms & conditions
  • Can I cancel my membership?
    Yes, membership can be canceled anytime you want.
  • Can I transfer my membership?
    No, membership is not transferrable
  • What in case of a stolen or lost membership card?
    A new card can be availed after applying online and collecting from the CycleCircle stores by paying a fee of INR 59
  • Can I pay by cash for my membership?
    No, membership payments can be done only by Credit/Debit cards and Digital modes with auto payment option.
  • What benefits do I get as a member with Re/Supply
    Re/Supply is where members can shop and trade in used gear at CycleCircle store all year. It’s a more sustainable and affordable way for members to purchase gear and apparel than buying new. Re/Supply includes gently used items that customers have either returned or traded-in and is ready for more life outside. Members can participate in the following ways: Shopping the dedicated used gear section in our CycleCircle stores Shopping used gear online through the CycleCircle website Shopping our Re/Supply stores in Shimla/Himachal Trading in used gear in exchange for CycleCircle gift card
  • What is DIY?
    In DIY you get access of the CycleCircle service tools and can do service at your own. Appointments needs to be booked in advance and part cost needs to be paid.
  • What is service by an expert?
    A service will be done by a CycleCircle expert. Appointments needs to be booked in advance and part costs needs to be paid.
  • How do I avail my free service by an Expert?
    Every CycleCircle store has a full-service bike setup. Provide your membership information when you drop off your gear to obtain your free annual bike services. Parts cost not included in this.
  • What is free tool access?
    Get access of the service tools available at the DIY section of store at no cost
  • What tools do you have?
    We have most common bike tools that any amateur bike mechanic would need. We also have a handful of specialized tools; talk to our friendly staff or volunteers if you’re looking for something in particular. If you’re wanting to know if we have a specific tool before you come on down to the shop, please email
  • What is free entry to Hastpa races?
    Get free entry into HASTPA one day races. Membership card can be used for one free entry only.
  • Can I volunteer?
    Yes, you can volunteer at CycleCircle store and events. Prior confirmation needs to be received from staff.
  • How much discount I will get on products with my membership?
    Discounts depend on the brand and type of membership. Please check the detailed member benefit page.
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