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My Happy Pill!

Updated: Feb 17

I believe in a simple mantra, "it's a beautiful world, get out there and discover it ".

And this lockdown gave me an opportunity to explore some new places, ride to different places, challenge myself to test my strengths and accomplish new targets.

Coming from the lap of Himalayas, Shimla has a lot to offer for cycling enthusiasts, many trails, some easy and some challenging, but all outstanding.

The picture above is from my recent bike packing trip to the mighty Hatu Peak, at an altitude of 3400m/11100ft. I was accompanied with some of my cyclist friends. My first checkpoint was in Narkanda, 60km from Shimla. Drank some water, freshened up, charged for what was now the main herculean task of climbing up the mountain from Narkanda to reach the Hatu Peak. The distance was 7-8 km. Though it might look less but I can guarantee, It was not. The climb was quite steep. I started the climb knowing that I have to reach the top before it gets dark and scary. Halfway through I could feel my thigh and calf muscles paining, negative thoughts forming up in my mind , but wiping all that aside, I mustered up all my strength and courage and finally reached the top. I was dead tired and I slept. Next morning seeing the view above, made me forget all of my pain and left me amazed with the beauty I was witnessing. For some time, I couldn't sense anything but only the breathtaking scenery. The climb was hard but the view was worth it

Cycling for me is like a go-to thing. Every time I am in any confusion or going though some rough times, I ride as I know that it'll give me a new perspective every time.



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